The CRF Story

Upon our engagement in  July 2016, my fiancee and I began the tedious search for a wedding venue. We didn't know much of what we wanted in a venue, but we did know one thing; it HAD to be special. We wanted a venue that we could put our own stamp on. We wanted it to be ours. We looked at countless venues, modern to rustic, yet we still couldn't find the right fit. We felt frustrated, we felt lost. We were on the verge of succumbing to defeat and renting a space that fell short of our dreams when I was struck with a thought; our perfect wedding space is right here!  This wonderful barn on our property is just what we need!  The problem of ‘where’ was solved; the problem of ‘how’ was still to be determined.  Such an undertaking would take hard, backbreaking work to eliminate the years of accumulated equipment that held stories of the past, but the sweat would be worth it. After months of scrutinizing wedding arenas, I knew our barn could offer the ambiance that isn’t often seen in other venues.  Today we are proud to offer a space that boasts character and customization to accommodate both modest and grand ceremonies, depending on your preference

The land the CrossRhoads wedding venue is erected on has been in my family for generations. For over 100 years, the Rossey and Rhoads families have patrolled this three hundred plus acre patch of reposed land, always as farmers. Farming is what we do; it is in our DNA. We aren't afraid to jump in and go for it, to do what needs done. Our barn shows the same tenacity. It never asked for its multitude of responsibilities, yet it wears its badge of versatility proudly. The barn has seen its fair share of good times and hard times, but somehow it has always pulled through. This barn has seen its nearby companion burn to ashes, yet, it withstood. It has been home to cattle that have long since come and gone. It has been a safe harbor for hay, grain, and garlic; all of which have vanished. It has served as shelter for equipment that has rusted away, but still, this barn stands firm!

This barn stands for much more than a family farm. It symbolizes hard work, compassion, beauty, and love. This barn and its land have a story that cannot be told in words. It symbolizes everything about Western Pennsylvania that is pure and true. It stands for what is gone from this world and what is yet to come. It stands for the love of my future wife and my family, we welcome you to let it stand for yours!